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Flower Koo Doll

Flower Koo 15cm Keychain Doll Flower Koo Doll WinTae Bear Doll (MAKE SURE TO ADD BOTH CLOTHES AND DOLL)
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✨ Flower Flower Flower ✨⁣⁣

Doll details:
- 20 centimeters
- 6 ounces
- Clothes include: shirt, pants, bag, glasses

Doll only = no clothes
Clothes only = no doll

LIMIT OF 2: Please only purchase a maximum of 2 dolls. This means only 2 naked doll + 2 clothes set max. DO NOT PURCHASE 2 DOLLS THEN ADD DOLLS ONLY + CLOTHES ONLY OR B-GRADES. YOUR WHOLE ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED! 2 dolls mean 2 ONLY.

DISCLAIMER: These dolls are individually all handmade, so they might vary from doll to doll. Some dolls may have some defects, but will be considered A-grade if very minor.

Shipping prices will be based on weight. Will possibly be more expensive than regular shipments due to packaging. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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